Enterprise resource planning
At Momentous Technology Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd, we provide the most user friendly ERP solutions for a reasonable price including the hardware appliances and infrastructure management in a customized manner as per your requirements. The two most common ERP systems available within our company are Odoo and Edufar Education Management System.
Odoo is a fully integrated business software including CRM, website/e-commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse and project management, and inventory. We are the third reseller for Odoo in Sri Lanka providing all the services related to Odoo from implementation of Odoo to match with your business process with value added customization to end- to -end technology consultation.
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Edufar is an all in one solution for any educational institution and we are the authorised sole reseller for Edufar in the country. It is a scalable, robust and an efficient educational management software with amazing functions where you can manage student information to daily educational institute management necessities. Edufar helps to solve any type of common issues in the management and helps to optimize day to day operations of any educational institute such as schools, colleges and other training centres. We also provide Edufar ERP consultation for all users with no limited time period.
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